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Good News !!! Summer Hifz Preparation Classes for GIRLS & BOYS

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Almighty Allah (s.w.t) , Darul Arqam Irving is now offering Summer Hifz preparation classes

                         !!👉 Enrollment is now open 👈 !! 

This course is designed to suite for Girls and Boys with or without previous memorization experience, flexible schedule in a very friendly environment amidst humble teachers where students are respected to boost their moral which will help in producing more results within short summer vacation. 

In sha Allah best learning environment will help children increase the "Love for Quran v/s routine laborious task ".

We Invite all parents to please schedule a one on one session with our friendly teachers or the management board of Darul Arqam.

Summer - Qur'an Hifz preparation classes for boys and girls (10 June - 16 August 2019)

Separate location for boys and girls. ( No age restriction)

Phone: 214-888-6706

Please donate generously for upcoming project of acquiring land and construction of new facility for Darul Arqam Irving, new masjid project and boarding school for hafiz and aalim program with secular education under one roof.

If you would like to donate your zakat money to support the needy students, please mention 'Zakat' under 'Add special instructions to the seller' section so that we can utilize your zakat money only for the monthly fees of needy students. 

Program Updates:

Alhamdullilah by the grace of Almighty Allah Darul Arqam is pleased to announce the expansion of its Boys Hifz program and introduction of Girls Only Hifz Program in Irving TX. Insha’Allah we will be adding few more students in the 2019 –2020 school year. We have added another very experienced Hafiz and Aalim teacher. 

Our program not only focuses on memorizing Qur’an but emphasis is laid on the following areas

1. Proper Tajweed

2. Learning new Sabaq daily.

3. Revising current Juz and

4. Reciting minimum one Juz from previously memorized lessons.

Apart from memorization special attention is made in the areas of

1. Student’s tarbiyat / Islamic manners.

2. Obeying orders of Allah S.W.T

3. Practicing Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu ‘Alaihi wasallam

4. Memorizing short hadith in Arabic with meanings.

5. Secular Education based on standardized testing

The Hifz program also includes academics, which will be taught by qualified teachers in home schooling who have years of experience in teaching at various academic levels. We will provide resources to help the children with Language Arts and Math every day as well. Education will be focused in a way that children can excel in STAAR tests at the end of the year.

Please enroll your child if you are interested as the seats are limited. Potential candidate must be fluent in reading Quran with proper tajweed.  For more details and application process, please contact us with your name and phone number or email us at darularqamirving@gmail.com